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Spearfishing Speargun Reel Stanless Steel -Plastik With Camera Mount New
Maximum lightweight and durable reel design, accommodates 20 meters of line 2mm thick, with camera m..
Ex Tax: 20.66€
Spearfishing Speargun Reel Pelengas Stanless Steel -Plastik with Side Exit Line New
Maximum lightweight and durable reel design, accommodates 20 meters of line 2mm thick, with Side exi..
Ex Tax: 20.66€
Scorpena Quick-detachable Weight for a Buoy New
Scorpena Quick-detachable Weight for a Buoy..
Ex Tax: 8.20€
Scorpena Buoy A New
Buoy is one of the most important items for safety during spearfishing. It service for spearfishers ..
Ex Tax: 8.20€
Pelengas 55+ Z-linka Spear Gun New
Speargun Pelengas 55+ Z-linka. Speargun  of Pelengas Z - linka 55+ this valvular pneumatic gun of t..
Ex Tax: 226.45€
1.5 mm fiber puredyneema - 1m, 300kg ..
Ex Tax: 0.91€
Kevlar line, 1m, 1.5 mm. (150kg) ..
Ex Tax: 0.58€
DYNEEMA  LINE SK75 - Ø 2,0 mm ORANGE - braided core -Breaking point 240 KG. 1m New
The Dyneema lines have the particularity of being very resistant to tearing and cutting. color: ora..
Ex Tax: 0.87€
Ideal for elastic binding and also for reel loading with cheap ..
Ex Tax: 0.22€
Scorpena repair glue is designed to repair items of neoprene - suits, socks, gloves and all kinds of..
Ex Tax: 4.01€
Lead weight Scorpena 1 kg ..
Ex Tax: 5.00€
The top of the line suits SCORPENA - model C 2017 is fully updated. SCORPENA design department intro..
Ex Tax: 173.55€
ESPADON PRESTIGE 7 mm Magic Camo high performance camouflage Selected natural colour camouflag..
Ex Tax: 227.27€
Weight 1.5 Kg ..
Ex Tax: 7.20€
Pelengas 55 Magnum Plus 2016 year upgraded model, with new handle and triggers. Gun came with new h..
Ex Tax: 183.00€
Pelengas Universal Spear Gun Reel. For wood or metal spearguns, but can be fitted to most spear g..
Ex Tax: 12.73€
Pelengas VOLGA Double Serrated Stainless Steel Knife Scuba Diving Snorkeling Pelengas VOLGA Stainle..
Ex Tax: 33.06€
Dive Spearfishing Knife Pelengas Maestro With Magnetic Foot -15%
Knife for diving and spearfishing Pelengas from 440c 58 HR steel, with magnetic foot and safety stra..
40.00€ 33.96€
Ex Tax: 28.07€
Speargun Pelengas 55+ Z-linka offset handle. Speargun  of Pelengas Z - linka 55+ this valvular pneu..
Ex Tax: 206.61€