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  • WISHBONES OCEAN for sharkfin shafts, 1 psc
    A new hydrodynamic arch wishbone that leans on the shaft the entire length of the barrel during the push phase of the rubbers. The arch is wider than traditional arched wishbones which keeps the bands parallel and is easier to load. Inserted in the arches of the wishbones are two cone shaped couplin..
    Без НДС: 9.45€
  • Жилет разгрузочный SporaSub 3мм, камуфляж.
    Особенность новой разгрузочной системы Sporasub Quick Release Harness камуфляж - система сброса, позволяющая снять ее одним движением любой руки. Система вмещает 8 пластин Sporasub по 600 г.(6 сзади и 2 спереди) суммарным весом до 4,8 кг. ..
    Без НДС: 31.70€
  • Перчатки Sporasub Roger 2mm
    Neoprene gloves featuring single lined neoprene, Titanium coated inside and super stretch lined outside. Available in thicknesses of 2 mm and 4 mm, this glove sets itself apart from other gloves thanks to it comfort and the fact that it offers high sensitivity when shooting. ..
    Без НДС: 18.57€
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