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Pelengas 55 Pneumovacuum Spear Gun Magnum Plus

Pelengas 55 Pneumovacuum Spear Gun Magnum Plus

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Pelengas 55 Magnum Plus

2016 year upgraded model, with new handle and triggers.
Gun came with new handle made of hard wearing plastic. New trigger and line releaser made of stainless steel.
Speargun Pelengas 55+ combines the best that invented today. Power, ergonomics, quality of materials - everything suggests that this model - the undisputed leader among the commercially available Spearguns.
- 22" (55cm) barrel lenght;
- Increased handle compared with popular spearguns;
- Handle with a special coating to prevent slippage;
- Pneumovacuum technology. Spear Gun with always dry barrel;
- Buoyancy speargun;
- 20-30% more power compared with same size analogs;
- Aluminum anodized tank with a hydrodynamic form;
- Patented Side Line Release
- Technopolymer Shock-absorber Bushing and Piston
- Built-in handle reel mount allows to install and dismantle it for a minute (patented).
 The main technological advantage Pelengas 55+ is a pneumovacuum muzzle. Inside the muzzle have special rubber sleeve that prevents water from entering the barrel. Always dry barrel. So when shoting, not waste energy on pushing the "parasitic" water and the shot is more powerful. In addition, manufacturers Pelengas 55+ decided to completely abandon the drainage holes for water, common to most pneumatic spearguns. As a result, it eliminates the effect of the jet during the ejection of water through such holes, and therefore no toss gun. Finally, Pelengas 55+ has a substantially greater stroke than, most spearguns same size.. It is known that the larger the stroke, the greater the acceleration of developing a spear and the more powerful the shot will be. In this sense Pelengas 55+ exceed 20-30% all by today analogs.
Handle Pelengas 55+ is made of rubberized material, it has a universal grip and is convenient for both right-handed and left-handers. Handle increases the overall buoyancy of the gun and prevents the effect of the 'cold arm'. Rear part is painted in a bright orange color, making it easier to search the speargun if it is dropped from the hand or a wounded fish snatched out it. Handle increased, compared with pneumatic spearguns Italian and French production, making it easier to embrace, even in thick gloves of 7 or 9mm, the little finger not falling. Also brace a trigger hook increased too, leaving enough space for wearing a thick glove forefinger.
 Pelengas 55+ is equipped with a stainless steel barrel diameter of 12 mm. This barrel is practically does not corrode and does not need grinding if sand or dirt gets inside.
 Outside barrel has inflated shape. Barrel made of aluminum by Hydroforming technology, anodized and does not corrode and is resistant to scratches. The trunk has a boresight, what increases shooting accuracy.
Pelengas 55+ is equipped with a spear made of stainless steel with a diameter of 7 mm and a pump - exactly the same as the lineup and Mares Cyrano and Mares Sten 11. On the spear mounted sliding sleeve made of stainless steel, which is much smaller and better hit fish compared to plastic, standing on all Italian spears.
An important feature of the speargun is the buoyancy. Complete speargun without harpoon does not sink. What will help you find it, if after shot fish snatched it from your hands.
In package: 
1. The pneumovacuum speargun. 
2. Harpoon with steel spear 
3. Harpoon loader. 
4. Line. 
5. Pump. 
6. Replacement pneumovacuum cuff .
7. Instruction

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