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Glue Scorpena

Glue Scorpena

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Scorpena repair glue is designed to repair items of neoprene - suits, socks, gloves and all kinds of accessories. It is ideal for quick repairs, including in the field. Color of the adhesive - radically black.

The basis of the neoprene glue Scorpena was taken by the legendary and the best domestic Russian glue - for neoprene - Radical. After consultations with many practicing spearfishers and repair company, we slightly changed the initial composition of the Radical, so our Secret Ingredient glue significantly improved adhesion to neoprene, improved penetration capacity into the pores of neoprene and increased service life. This also contributes to a tube of latex ring and double varnishing. A long nose, and a small tube outlet makes our glue comfortable to use and very economical.

How to use: Carefully clean the parts to be glued. Spread a layer of the glue on all surfaces to be bonded. Wait 10 minutes for evaporation of the solvents, spread a second layer, dry for another 10 minutes and join the parts by exerting a constant pressure for a few minutes to obtain a perfect seal. Do not use glued product for at least 24 hours. Store at temperatures from +5о to 25° C.

Ingredients: gums, resins, solvents, enhancing additives.

Precautions: Inflammable! Work in a well-ventilated area! Keep container tightly closed. Don’t swallow. Keep away for children. May produce an allergic reaction.

Exp time – 24 months, date of manufacture at bottom

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