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Wetsuits Scorpena C3, 7 mm, Brown camo

New Wetsuits Scorpena C3, 7 mm, Brown camo

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The top of the line suits SCORPENA - model C 2017 is fully updated. SCORPENA design department introduced a new original camouflage coating in three colors: bright blue, olive green and brown. C3 is constructed from contrasting parts, visually dividing the silhouette of a hunter on the side, which makes it even more invisible to fish on the background of the underwater topography.
The suit is made of a soft and elastic neoprene Sheico . Internal costume party - open time to . On the outer side is covered Lycra most elastic material on fabrics market. Lycra thread contains a rubber component, so it runs very well. This coating is not limited to the extensibility properties of the neoprene suit is easy to sit on the figure and does not restrict movement of the joints, makes it easy to pull the hand. Even in thick neoprene jacket does not prevent a deep breathe, so the chest muscles do not get tired and the hunter is able to dive longer and deeper.
Details suit taped and then stitched double blind seam (double thread) that amplifies the joints of parts, but does not break through neoprene thus remains sealed seam and more durable.
And nalokotnye of knee parts are made of durable material trailing Supratex , to increase the wear resistance of parts which are subjected to maximum load. Additionally, multilayer coated polyurethane slip coating in the form of fish, which protects knees and elbows from sharp rocks and vegetation and has good adhesion to the surface in abutment.
The front edge of the hood processed elastic edging but durable neoprene, fabric reinforced inside. This treatment improves the isolation and cuts into the skin, which is especially important at long swimming in cold water.
Sleeves and trouser legs at the edges processed overlocking with frequent steps - such treatment does not prevent the material to stretch when equipped and provides the necessary strength to these areas.
The upper edge of the suit and the lower edge of the jacket are processed solid and elastic Lycra tape with a zigzag manner that allows you to take a suit jacket with a jerk of the clasp or hydraulic impact, not being afraid to damage it.
The cuffs of the sleeves and pant legs and face obturators are made of a thin neoprene (4 mm - 5 mm suit) for greater flexibility. The upper part of the pants and neck parts also thinned to facilitate movement of the hunter and not interfere with deep breathing and movement.
Each color scheme is represented by the selection of appropriate camouflage socks, gloves and other accessories

Size Chart hunting suits
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Waist, cm                             71-75     75-79      79-84      84-90       90-96      96-104    104-110   110-116
The girth of the thighs, see 79-87      87-94      94-101    100-106   106-112  112-117   117-122   122-127
Height                                 165-170  169-174  173-180  179-185   184-190  189-196  195-202    200-207

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