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1.5 mm fiber puredyneema - 1m, 300kg ..
Ex Tax: 0.91€
Kevlar line, 1m, 1.5 mm. (150kg) ..
Ex Tax: 0.58€
Ideal for elastic binding and also for reel loading with cheap ..
Ex Tax: 0.22€
DYNEEMA  LINE SK75 - Ø 2,0 mm ORANGE - braided core -Breaking point 240 KG. 1m New
The Dyneema lines have the particularity of being very resistant to tearing and cutting. color: ora..
Ex Tax: 0.87€
Scorpena repair glue is designed to repair items of neoprene - suits, socks, gloves and all kinds of..
Ex Tax: 4.01€
Lead weight Scorpena 1 kg ..
Ex Tax: 5.00€
Pelengas Titanium Shaft Slider for spear shafts, Mares, Cressi, Omer -24%
Titanium Alloy Shaft Slider for 7 / 8 mm spear shafts. Titanium Alloy Shaft Slider has double bor..
9.99€ 7.59€
Ex Tax: 6.27€
1.5 mm fiber nylon dyneema, 200kg - 1m ..
Ex Tax: 0.65€
Rubber Weight belt with a Marseilles buckle. The most popular weightbelt for freediving, spearfishin..
Ex Tax: 13.22€
Pelengas Cuffs for Pneumovacuum Spear Guns For Pelengas Guns and guns upgraded to pneumovacuum with..
Ex Tax: 0.82€
The SCORPENA boat is made from nylon, inside has two air chambers from very durable PVC material. Th..
Ex Tax: 21.17€
Lead weight Scorpena 2 kg ..
Ex Tax: 9.71€
Beuchat Shock Absorber.   ..
Ex Tax: 6.61€
Pelengas Stainless Steel Fish Stringer Stringer Pelengas due to the unique locking mechanism of t..
Ex Tax: 16.53€
Versatile and compact knife of high strength anodized steel can be used both as main and reserve. Se..
Ex Tax: 14.11€
L 70 мм. D 2 мм...
Ex Tax: 2.89€
Pelengas Universal Spear Gun Reel. For wood or metal spearguns, but can be fitted to most spear g..
Ex Tax: 12.73€
Vinogradov valve installed on a breathing tube. The valve overlaps each dive, thereby not giving wat..
Ex Tax: 5.29€
Pelengas Stainless Steel Speargun Shaft Loader. Spear loader made of stainless steel with galvanic ..
Ex Tax: 9.09€
Case bag for SCORPENA pneumatic gun is designed for transporting and storing of pneumatic guns with ..
Ex Tax: 11.70€