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Weight Belts and Weights

Weight Belts and Weights
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4.0 kg Scorpena Weight System

Weight hanger SCORPENA 4 kg reloads lower back, distributing the weight on the spearfisher's back mo..

Ex Tax: 41.59€

Belt weight holder, metal

Belt weight holder, metal..

Ex Tax: 1.65€

Bras belt

This strap is designed to prevent the main weight strap from slipping off...

Ex Tax: 9.09€

Buckle with 90 dg D RING

Buckle with 90 dg D RING..

Ex Tax: 4.71€

Double - slit buckle with a half - ring

By setting this belt buckle at the weight belt, you will be able to fix weight from spontaneous move..

Ex Tax: 5.81€

Lead weight Scorpena 1 kg

Lead weight Scorpena 1 kg..

Ex Tax: 5.00€

Lead weight Scorpena 2 kg

Lead weight Scorpena 2 kg..

Ex Tax: 9.71€

Lead weight Scorpena 3 kg

Lead weight Scorpena 3 kg..

Ex Tax: 14.57€

Leg weight adjustable bents, 2 kg

Leg weight adjustable bents, 2 kg..

Ex Tax: 17.55€

Leg weight, 200 g

Leg weight, 200 g..

Ex Tax: 1.44€

Metal weight holder with belt ring

Metal weight holder with belt ring..

Ex Tax: 2.89€

Metal weight holder with belt ring and carabiner

Metal weight holder with belt ring and carabiner  ..

Ex Tax: 5.79€

Neoprene ankle weight 500 GR (pair)

Best Divers Neoprene Ankle Weights ( 2 x 0.5 kg)..

Ex Tax: 20.77€

Pelengas Rubber Weight belt

Rubber Weight belt with a Marseilles buckle. The most popular weightbelt for freediving, spearfishi..

Ex Tax: 13.22€