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Omer Stingray

These new fixed blade fins are characterized by their thermo rubber foot-pocket and for the angle be..

98.01€ Ex Tax: 81.00€

Omer Stingray Fin Foot Pocket (1pcs)

Omer Stingray Fin Foot Pocket..

39.17€ Ex Tax: 32.37€

Omer Stingray Short

Новые ласты Omer Stingray Short имеют лопасть на 15 см. короче, чем у ласт Stingray. Оптимально подо..

89.19€ Ex Tax: 73.71€

Pressure gauge fitting for Mares-Seac pneumatic guns, 1 psc

Pressure gauge fitting for Mares-Seac pneumatic guns. The adapters are for pneumatic guns that have ..

20.45€ Ex Tax: 16.90€


Omer Prong Protectors 5 points .  ..

1.09€ Ex Tax: 0.90€

Reel ONE 50 without line

Reel ONE 50 without line..

61.83€ Ex Tax: 51.10€

Reels Assembly kit for Pneumatic spearguns 1 psc

Reels Assembly kit for Pneumatic spearguns 1 psc..

7.39€ Ex Tax: 6.11€

Rig line for shaft, 1 psc

Кольцо для удобного крепления линя на стреле арбалета, 1 шт...

1.89€ Ex Tax: 1.56€

Shaft for Mini/Mini Sten, 8x35 cm

S.Steel shaft for Mini Sten ø8 X 35 cm .  ..

10.04€ Ex Tax: 8.30€

Slalom snorkel - black/grey silicone, 1psc

Designed to adhere perfectly to the head, to increase hydrodynamics. Protruding parts have been redu..

18.15€ Ex Tax: 15.00€



19.97€ Ex Tax: 16.50€